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About Tomer Jacobson

_ADI8608מעובדSince late 2008 when I bought my first camera photography took over my life.

Most of my time since then has been devoted to learning and practicing my skills and sharing  my findings with others.

The work presented here reflects my best efforts so far.

My main subjects are often people on staged sets and I usually photograph them using artificial light creatively.

I make my living from commercial photography such as: corporate shots, events,  portfolio, modeling and PR sessions while in the rest of my time I strive, along with Maxim Golovanov, to complete a series of 10 fine art images, each is dedicated to a different song I like.

(To see the 13 songs we already shot visit this page.)  

on locationApart from shooting I also work at Galitz Photography School where I teach daily in different classes and workshops including a popular `practical lighting` course.

In the rest of the time I am the publisher of  TheTomer, a popular Photography blog with 230 popular posts written in Hebrew.

I publish my work in a few Photography sites and you are welcome to follow and comment on my work there: 1x.com500pxFlickr 


If you wish to use my services,  learn more about my Photography or have any question or comment on my work I would like to become your friend on Facebook or you can contact me using this contact form


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